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An unforgettable first experience away from homeMeet other cultures from all over the world while living in the middle of the Alpine countryside. The 2-week programme focuses on languages, sports and arts. The final 3rd week is adventure-filled with no language classes.

There is no reason why sleeping away from home needs to be scary! At this camp, it’s more like one big sleepover with all your new best friends.

In the morning: Academies

LANGUAGE (English or French)

Choose English or French lessons for the duration of the camp. Classes take place in the mornings, 2 periods of 75 minutes. After taking a level placement test upon arrival, you will be grouped with other students who have the same level as you.

My Family Classes

In the afternoon: Sports & Creative Activities

We would love to show you how to make the most of living in the Alps! That’s why we put together a broad sports and arts programme for all participants, ensuring that you will be able to do different activities each week, based on some, but not all, of the following activities: basketball, climbing, cooking, creative arts, football, golf (practice only), mountain trekking, swimming, tennis, via ferrata...

In the evening: Entertainment

Every evening has something different in store! From inter-team competitions to discos, movie nights, art and craft activities, board games, sport matches, BBQs or spending the night in a local mountain hut!

And on the weekends...

On Saturday morning, there will be two shorter language lessons. In the afternoons, you will participate in an excursion such as canoeing, rafting, laser games, bridge swing jumping, and more. Sunday starts with a brunch, and continues with an all-day excursion such as Aquaparc or Glacier 3000. For those children whose parents are visiting for the weekend, you may leave campus after Saturday morning lessons and return on Sunday before dinner.

Experience the extraordinary!


Instead of language lessons in the mornings and sports/arts in the afternoons, we’ll take you on an original adventure that will last the entire week. Join a group of maximum 30 students for a spectacular final week of energy-packed activities that will take your breath away!

My Family Weekends

Daily Timetable