A message about summer 2020

Dear Parents, dear Campers, dear Friends,

We all have a duty to respect the laws, rules and recommendations given by the authorities. But we also have the right to remain positive and optimistic, and we have the right to make sure we are prepared to resume our lives post-covid-19.

As the situation stands, we are not in a position to decide whether to cancel our 2020 summer camps; on the contrary, we think that our children will benefit profoundly – perhaps more than ever before – from being able to see their friends again, to play sports together, to meet new faces, to be able to be in a real classroom, with real classmates and real teachers.

We owe it to ourselves – and to you – to be ready to face these challenges without surrendering to current fears. We have made the decision to carry on with our summer camps and the organisation needed for running them successfully; we are maintaining the contracts of all our teachers, and all our staff continue their preparations.

We are also keeping enrolment open, and maintaining our financial and cancellation conditions. We will, of course, take into account any difficulties that you may be facing (such as delayed visas, travel bans, postponed end of the school year, etc.) for any reimbursement requests, and we ask you to share any such concerns with us. We will get back to you with full details in mid-April.

If, to our heartfelt disappointment, we should be compelled to cancel our 2020 summer camps because the situation requires it, we would naturally reimburse the fees you have paid for the 2020 summer camps.

We hope these unprecedented times can bring us all a deepened sense of appreciation and of hope.

We look forward to a time when we can see you again.

Your Summer Camps Team

Le Rosey Camps offer the opportunity to experience a glimpse of the Rosey spirit, become more independent, forge lifelong friendships and of course, have fun in a short couple of weeks. A unique experience in true Rosey style!

Live in an international and multi-cultural environment (78 nationalities), where swapping from one language to another becomes as easy as counting “one, two, three”. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery, whether by the lakeside or in the Swiss Alps with our wide range of sports and excursions. Develop your artistic talents, theatre skills and musical ability in Rolle at our futuristic Paul & Henri Carnal Hall.

See you next summer,

Grégory Guinot, Camps Director

Get ready for Le Rosey Summer Camps

Enrolment for our 2020 Summer Camps is open!

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Le Rosey Camps X Régent Camps

Meet our new sister camp in the heart of Crans-Montana, launching in summer 2020!

Régent Camps

Le Rosey Camps is delighted to announce its new partnership with Régent Camps and Le Régent International School, Crans-Montana.

Under the guidance of Le Rosey Camps, Régent Camps will launch its first summer camps in July and August 2020, offering the perfect mix of intensive academic preparation, including IGCSE and IB, with exclusive golfing and mountain activities unique to Crans-Montana.

Discover the world of Le Régent Summer Camps