Le Rosey Camps offer the opportunity to experience a glimpse of the Rosey spirit, become more independent, forge lifelong friendships and of course, have fun in a short couple of weeks. A unique experience in true Rosey style!

Live in an international and multi-cultural environment (78 nationalities), where swapping from one language to another becomes as easy as counting “one, two, three”. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery, whether by the lakeside or in the Swiss Alps with our wide range of sports and excursions. Develop your artistic talents, theatre skills and musical ability in Rolle at our futuristic Paul & Henri Carnal Hall.

See you next summer,

Grégory Guinot, Camps Director

Get ready for Le Rosey Summer Camps

Enrolment for Summer 2021 will open in November. See you soon!

Le Rosey Camps X Régent Camps

Discover our alpine campus at sister camp, Régent Camps, in the heart of Crans-Montana!

Discover the world of Le Régent Summer Camps
Régent Camps Absolutely Summer

Le Rosey Camps is partnered with Régent Camps and Le Régent International School to offer two standout academic programmes combined with golf, digital media and mountain sport activities in the heart of the Valais Alps.