History and Mission

Our Promise at the Summer Camps

To enrich your child’s summer with a unique life experience, with the quality label “Made in Switzerland”

To offer professionally organised and varied camps run by experienced teachers ready to listen and support your child

To develop your child’s talents through academic courses, sports, artistic activities and outdoor excursions

To encourage friendship across cultures and languages from around the world

To teach young people how to take the first steps away from home towards becoming more responsible and independent

To discover Switzerland’s natural beauty and culture in a day-by-day experience of its high-quality lifestyle, Swiss-Made

Rosey Summer Camps, since 1977

At that time, the first summer camps directors came over from New Zealand every year for 3 months to organise and run just one camp: 6 weeks of activities on and by the lake, on our Rolle campus.

Little by little, the programme expanded to offer more sports, artistic and academic activities within the one camp and then, such was the success of the programme that the number and variety of the camps grew, with camps in Gstaad being organized from the early 1990s.

40 years’ experience and excitement: the story doesn’t stop there!

Rosey Summer Camps in its present form, with a full-time managerial team, were established at the beginning of 2000.

The duration of the camps was reduced to 4 weeks maximum, the sports programme was extended to include 20 activities and the academic programmes offered were broadened.

The opening of the Paul and Henri Carnal Hall in 2014 has once again marked an important milestone in our camps with the opportunity to offer much greater focus on programmes that develop artistic skills.