Our 2 Campuses

Lake Geneva Campus

In Rolle by Lake Geneva, 30km from Geneva city, Le Rosey’s main campus (for the boys) and the La Combe campus (for the girls) are situated within landscaped grounds covering 30 hectares.

The campus was established in 1880 in the Château du Rosey, with its extensive estate. The historic original building, dating back to the 14th century, was then a run-down medieval castle, but it was carefully renovated and the campus improved during the 20th century.

The Paul & Henri Carnal Hall, known as the school’s Arts & Learning Centre, counts with a cooking lab, visual arts and photography rooms, dance, theatre and music studios. At the heart of the building, the 900-seat Rosey Concert Hall is located.

Today, our Rolle campus boasts some 15 different buildings hosting a complete range of academic, sports and arts activities, and offering boarding accommodation for some 400 students, teachers and staff.

School and boarding facilities:

  • 186 bedrooms (1-3 beds) most with ensuite bathrooms
  • 53 classrooms
  • 8 science laboratories
  • 14 specially-equipped rooms: music, orchestra, art, IT, study halls, conference rooms
  • 13 games rooms, lounges and fully-equipped kitchens in the boarding houses
  • 48 apartments for teachers living in the boarding houses
  • 2 infirmaries
  • A theatre
  • 2 gymnasia
  • 4 specially-equipped sports rooms: 2 fitness rooms, 1 martial arts and 1 dance studio
  • 3 dining rooms
  • 2 cafeterias
  • An industrial laundry (providing laundry services for both bed linen and personal laundry)
  • 2 professional kitchens
  • An ecumenical chapel
  • An auditorium
  • A graphic arts studio
  • A shop
  • An IT shop
  • An IT centre
  • A travel office
  • And The Paul & Henri Carnal Hall: a futuristic Arts & Learning Centre, its 900-seat concert hall, its smaller BlackBox venue; and its specially-equipped rooms: A library containing 17,000 literary and reference works, music and arts rooms, IT centre, study lounge, conference rooms, cooking lab, etc.
Gardens, trees, some of which are over two hundred years old, fountains, a computer-regulated greenhouse; a pedagogical farm with donkeys, sheep, poultry and more…

Off campus, Le Rosey also owns:

  • A private equestrian centre housing 30 horses, 1 indoor riding school, 1 dressage area, 1 clubhouse
  • A private sailing centre equipped with 10 dinghies, 3 motor-boats, 3 yawls and a 38-foot yacht
  • A catamaran sailing yacht.
  • Le Rosey also uses a local 18-hole golf course with driving range, and a karting track situated nearby.

Gstaad Mountain Campus

During our summer holidays, the Schönried campus in the picturesque Swiss region of Gstaad —a famous mountain resort nestled in the Swiss Alps and nowadays home to world-famous celebrities— hosts summer camp participants in large Swiss chalets set in some of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland. This region abounds with sites of natural beauty and has an excellent infrastructure, allowing visitors to make the most of sporting and mountain pursuits in safety.

Since 1916 the whole school has moved up to the mountains during the winter season to offer its students a term of sun, snow and winter sports whilst continuing their regular school program.

As for the locals, they are always happy to share the delights and traditions of their region with our visitors.

School and boarding facilities:

  • Bedrooms (2 beds) with ensuite bathrooms
  • Classrooms
  • IT room
  • Equipped games rooms and lounges
  • Apartments for teachers living in the boarding houses
  • Infirmary
  • Dining room
  • Sports material (badminton, ball games, table tennis, etc.)

Sports facilities:

  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centres
  • Tennis courts
  • Bowling alley
  • Curling
  • Cross country tracks
  • Climbing walls and Via Ferratas laid out to help students learn to climb in a safe environment.