Le Classique

A generalist camp with a twist. Specialise in one area with the morning Academy of your choice. Practise the sports and arts that you already love and try something new from the 30 activities on offer in the afternoon. Enjoy the weekend excursions and the evening entertainment alongside 300 other students from 50 different countries.

In the morning: Academies

Choose one of the following academies to specialise in during the four weeks of camp. There are 2 daily morning periods of 75 minutes:

  • LANGUAGE (English or French) With an average class size of 12 students grouped by level according to the placement test done upon arriving at the camp. Please note that Language Academies are not suitable for native speakers.
  • MULTISPORTS For the truly sporty; practise and perfect many different individual and team sports.
  • VISUAL ARTS For the more artistically-inclined; develop your artistic skills, explore ideas and focus on creativity with new machinery, new techniques and different media.


From 13 onwards:

  • LEADERSHIP Hands-on workshops in self-defence, public speaking, non-verbal communication, physical expression & dance, critical thinking, as well as outdoor challenges and expeditions in nature to embark on your journey to personal success. Students should have a good command of the English language (equivalent or similar to CEFR B1/IELTS 4.0-5.0/TOEFL 42-71).
  • TECH Learn. Code. Create! Our tech wizards will guide you through three main modules: coding, robotics and 3-D design to create your own project and learn how to creatively use the latest technology.


Le Classique Academies

In the afternoon: Sports, Tech & Creative Activities

Choose 7 from the following options: Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Beach volleyball, Ceramics, Cooking, Creative arts, Digital photography, Fitness training, Football, Golf (practice only), Hip-hop, Horse-riding, Indoor climbing, Nautical Sports (Sailing, Stand-up-paddling), Pool Activities (Swimming and Water Games), Robotics, Self-defence, Singing, Sports mix (Baseball, Frisbee, Uni-hockey...), Tennis, Wake-boarding and wake-surfing, Water-skiing, Web design, Yoga, Zumba.

In the evening: Entertainment

Every evening has something different in store! From inter-team competitions to discos, BBQs, movie nights, entertainment by buildings or a Swiss-themed dinner.

And on the weekends...

There are two periods for the Academy of your choice on Saturday morning.

For the rest of the weekend excursions and activities both on- and off-campus await! These range from adventures in the Alps, karting, laser tag, practising water sports at our nautical centre and more.

For those children whose parents are visiting for the weekend, you may leave campus after Saturday morning lessons and return on Sunday before dinner.

Le Classique on the weekends

Daily Timetable