Excellence Camp

A small group of 10 motivated and adventurous teenagers embark on an unforgettable 2-week journey through the Swiss Alps and aboard a yacht. Adventure is out there!

Mountain adventure week

Discover trails in the Bernese and Wallis Alps, learn rock-climbing, cross obstacles, crevasses and glaciers. Work as part of a team while setting up and taking down a camp every day, and learn how to live in a community. Most nights are spent in mountain huts.

A unique opportunity to enjoy a superb adventure in the heart of the spectacular scenery of the Swiss Alps.

Offshore navigation week

After this exciting week in the mountains, you will then fly from Geneva to join our 102-foot Sailing Yacht, Ipharra, for a splendid cruise in the Mediterranean

Learn the history of the islands you will visit. Discover the beauty of natural sites, relax aboard Ipharra of course, enjoy water sports every day!

Get a chance to see first-hand how to handle a large yacht using both engine and sails; how to calculate routes using maps and electronic navigation equipment; appreciate the importance of teamwork and mutual respect.

Please note: All children are required to have a fitness level that allows them to take part in demanding mountain activities and swimming.

Mountain and Sea weeks

Some of the activities

Swing jump, rock climbing, hiking, via ferrata, sailing, biking, swimming, snorkeling, sea-bobbing, stand-up-paddling...

The Ipharra yacht

Ipharra is a 34-metre catamaran sailboat built for offshore cruising. It is a secure, well-furnished, fast yacht which has 4 triple-berth cabins with bathrooms for the students and 3 cabins housing the 5 crew members.

Ipharra also has a classroom equipped with IT resources; a huge cockpit which serves as a dining room/meeting area and cinema; a reading room, and a flying deck used for marine observation, astronomy and sun bathing!

The yacht also has a dinghy used for exploration (Zodiac), a light Laser sailing boat used for sailing lessons; electric powered sea bobs (also used for exploration), snorkelling equipment, a kayak, water-skiing and wakeboarding equipment, not to mention all the usual modern security equipment - GSM and satellite communication and navigation systems.

More information at: www.ipharra.com