Le Rosey Summer Camps

Get To Know The Directors

Meet Sarina and Craig, Camp Directors for the SAT Prep Camp. They are American SAT professionals, recruited by Le Rosey five years ago exclusively to prepare students for the SAT/ACT during the academic year and Rosey Summer Camps. With over 20 years of combined experience, they use a combination of the best SAT curriculums available worldwide, tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of their students.

Sarina Steinbarth is a Yale graduate and runs the Test Preparation Program at Le Rosey.

Q: Could you explain what the SAT/ACT exams are and why they’re important? 

A: The SAT and the ACT are the two U.S. University entrance exams. They are each about 4 hours long and cover the entire scope of high-school curriculum. They’re important because they are weighed more-or-less equally to high school transcripts for admissions decisions.

Craig Fulghum is the Academic Director of the SAT Prep Camp and a full-time SAT Instructor during the academic year. 

Q: How can you prepare students for these types of exams? 

A: We primarily focus on three things: content, strategy, and practice. The content that we teach covers the full range of topics that can be tested on the exam, ranging from verbal skills such as grammar and reading to math skills, which include elementary algebra all the way to advanced trigonometry. Strategy entails helping students understand how the test is created by the test-makers, so that they know the psychology behind how the test is constructed. Rigorous practice takes place through in-class quizzes and drills, homework, and during the camp’s weekly full-length Practice Tests.

Q: So after a Practice Test the students will have a numerical score result. How do the students’ scores compare to other preparation programs? 

A: Le Rosey has some of the highest SAT score increases in the world. We have seen an average score increase of 350 points at our SAT Summer Camp. To put that into scale, that’s about 3.5x the average in the United States. Our highest score increases have been 650-700 points. These score increases are dramatic. They mean the difference between a student entering a mid-tier university and an Ivy League college at the 350-400-point level. At the 600-or-700-point level we’re talking about the difference between being accepted into a lower-tier school to enrolling at the very best universities in the United States.

Next up will be Alfredo and Audrey Lopez, Camp Directors at the Summer School in August.

For the first video in our new series, we sat down with Frédéric and Claire Joly, Camp Directors of the July Session for My Family.

Frédéric is a full-time Geography and sports teacher during Le Rosey’s academic year. Claire is also a nurse at Le Rosey. Originally from France, they live on campus with their three sons and dog.

Q: How long have you been part of the Rosey Camps? 

F: I’ve been working for the Rosey Camps for the last 17 years. My favourite memories are the time we spend in the mountains with the kids around the campfire, when we play the guitar with them, when we discover the wonderful area of the Gstaad Mountains… These are things they will never forget.

Q: What helps the students feel at home and enjoy the camp?

C: The age range of our students is between 8 and 13 years of age, which allows them to share moments during the day but also during the 3 weeks… In addition, we also enjoy working on the exchanges between our students and our teachers.

Q: What is the most common nationality in your camp? 

F: There is no main nationality in our camps because we set the limit at 15% for the number of students coming from the same group of countries. That means we are able to create a truly international atmosphere… Even our teachers come from over 10 countries! This, of course, helps the exchange of cultures in our camps.

Stay tuned for next week’s interview with Craig Fulghum and Sarina Steinbarth, SAT Prep Camp Directors.