The Staff


The directors and managers of the camp are employed as full-time teachers at Le Rosey and are actively involved in the community life of our prestigious boarding school. Counsellors and teachers, who are selected for their skills, maturity, sense of authority and ethical behaviour, are keen to share their knowledge, sporting and artistic passions with their students. The majority come from Europe.

Supervision in the boarding house?

Each camp is managed by a Camp Director. Each boarding house counts with a Head of House and teachers on each floor that live with the students. The aim is to create a family atmosphere, to ensure the wellbeing of each child and to have a permanent presence to maintain order and security.

Getting to the Campus

Pick up at the airport?

If you are travelling with your child, we are unable to offer you joint transportation. Both campuses are easily accessible by car (30 minutes to Rolle, 2.5 hours to Schönried) and train (30 minutes to Rolle, 3 hours to Schönried). A Rosey desk is situated in the Arrivals area at Geneva Airport. Children travelling alone are met by our staff and driven to camp. Transfers to and from Le Rosey are included in the camp fee as long as they take place on the official dates of start and end for camp. Outside these dates, the transport will be charged to the student (around CHF 150 for Rolle and CHF 500 for Schönried). No transportation is organized from/to Zürich Airport.

Drop-off at the airport?

At the end of camp, students are accompanied back to the airport in time for their return flights on the official departure dates. Outside of these dates the same rates as above are applicable.

Ticket reservations or changes?

No plane reservation, flight changes or visa applications can be made by the school during your child’s stay with us.

Accommodation for parents?

Parents who wish to find accommodation close to our campuses when they leave/pick up their children will find plenty of quality hotels close to the Schönried campus; for the Rolle campus, we would advise you to take accommodation in Geneva or Lausanne. Parents are responsible for making their own reservations, and should consult the exclusive Hotel Package Deals on our website.

The Camp

Main language used at the camps?

English and French are the two official languages.

Nationalities from other children?

All over the world! Some 72 nationalities were represented in 2015; in order to maintain a genuine international intake, we have a quota policy on nations or groups of nations.

Health issues?

Parents are requested to provide a medical certificate for their child at the time of enrolment. Please make sure to include any important medical information we need to be aware of, such as allergies or medication. Le Rosey Summer Camps is not responsible for any missing information or health concerns ensuing as a result.

Healthcare professionals are available 24/24 on campus. They are qualified to give first aid and deal with minor ailments. They are in regular contact with local doctors, will set up medical appointments and ensure that the children take their medication. Any prescribed medication is kept and administered by the nurse; self-medication is not allowed.

Our staff is vigilant with regard to the school rules on the personal hygiene of each child such as taking a shower daily, brushing teeth and wearing appropriate clothing. Anti-bacterial hand gel is available in dining rooms.

Medical insurance?

Accident insurance is included in the price of the camp. Medical costs relating to sickness are not included; these are paid using the pocket money provided. We strongly recommend that parents take out medical insurance in order to cover re-imbursement.

For the Excellence Camp, sickness and accident insurance, including medical repatriation in case of emergency are included in the price of the camp.


All our rooms are spacious twins with ensuite bathrooms. A mini-safe is provided per student. All bedding and towels are provided. Students can decorate the room to their taste and bring photos and favorite cuddly toys.

Mix by age or gender?

Boys and girls are on separate buildings. The juniors (until age 12) and seniors (age 13 and above) are also on separate buildings. However, classes are mixed, as are most sports and activities.

Room sharing with a friend?

No problem, as long as you are the same age and, of course, boys and girls don’t share! Just give the name of the person you would like to share with on the registration form and we will do our best to meet your request. If no special request is provided, we will organize the rooms’ occupancy the very last days before camp starts, and make sure that each room is occupied by 2 different nationalities/cultures to make sure an intercultural sharing can happen.

Visits during the camp?

Children are allowed to leave the camp from Saturday 12.30 till Sunday 18.00. A lot of activities take place during the weekend. However if you wish to take your child out for the weekend time, you must send a written invitation by fax or by e-mail by midday Friday at the latest. Please note that no visits are allowed during the week time.

The children who attend the Excellence Camp will spend the weekend at camp.

Food at camp?

International inspiration meals are served as a buffet style, with Mexican or Thai cuisine proposed too. Meals are prepared by our own chefs who pay meticulous attention to quality, presentation and flavour to produce healthy, balanced menus. Vegetarian menus are also offered. Any meals on the menu containing pork will carry an indication. We often organize BBQs and themed food evenings.

Attendance at all meals is compulsory. Children and teachers share mealtimes. If your child has a food allergy, it has to be mentioned in the medical form upon enrolment.


Clothes to bring?

We will email you a list of clothes and things we advise you to bring. There is no uniform during the summer camp.

Laundry service?

Dirty laundry is collected from the rooms, washed, ironed and returned to the rooms once per week.

All clothes must be labelled before the start of camp. We will send you personalized labels or you may use your own if you have them. Dry cleaning service is not provided during the camps.

Pocket money?

Pocket money has been sent to the camp in advance. Children will be able to withdraw small sums of pocket money, 2 or 3 times per week, from the person in charge.

Expenses such as medical fees in case of illness, personal expenses (UM services, stamps, phone calls, shopping, excess baggage, etc.) and the transport to/from Geneva airport outside the camps’ official start and end dates are paid from the remaining pocket money.

Any amount still outstanding from the camp fees on the child’s account may also be settled from the child’s pocket money. The sum of CHF 150 from the pocket money is held until the last day in case of any unforeseen expenses. The remaining balance of pocket money is given to the child upon departure. If you wish to leave extra pocket money with the Direction, please note that only cash in Swiss Francs can be received.

Staying in Touch

Phone use?

Mobile phones are allowed, but their use is restricted to specific times during the day: after lunch, before dinner and just before bedtime, strictly following the rules given by the Camp Director. For the rest of the day, and at night, phones must remain in the student’s personal safes. Junior students may be required to give their phones to the teacher on duty for the night-time. Repeated abuse of our phone policy will result in confiscation of the device.


Wi-Fi may be available during certain camps, strictly following the rules given by the Camp Director. There is no internet access in our Rolle Junior building.

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